World Stroke Day – October 29

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Today is World Stroke Day. Stroke ranks right behind heart disease as a leading cause of death. It is also a major cause of severe, long-term disability. The statistics are staggering, with someone in the United States experiencing a stroke every 40 seconds and someone actually dying as a result of a stroke every 3 to 4 minutes.

This year, Kevin Sorbo, the “Hercules” star, who suffered 3 strokes at the age of 38, is working with the American Heart Association to create awareness about the symptoms of a stroke. By knowing the warning signs, a person who is suffering symptoms can be transported to the hospital sooner and a clot-busting drug may be used to help reduce the effects of the stroke and possibly save a life.

The acronym to remember is F.A.S.T.

To find out what the acronym stands for and to read the whole story, follow this link: ‘Hercules’ star, stroke survivor Kevin Sorbo urges stroke awareness


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