Where you live may have an effect on heart health

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A recent study released by the American Heart Association reveals that where you live may have an effect on if you have a healthy heart. The availability of recreational activities and other amenities in the neighborhood in which you live, may play a role in whether you live a life style that encourages healthy heart living.

Quoting from the release article:

“The most significant neighborhood factors that lead to ideal health were access to recreational resources like parks and trails where people can walk in safety and comfort, and the availability of healthy foods,” said Erin Unger, study author and medical student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. “These are some of the first findings showing that your neighborhood influences your overall cardiovascular health.”

“This study demonstrates the importance of where we live. Our neighborhood can play a significant role in our health,” Unger said. Physical activity in neighborhoods could be improved with community gardens, healthier school lunches, parks, lights and sidewalks, she said.

So, if the neighborhood in which you live doesn’t have the recreational resources and the other amenities to promote heart health, the one good thing is that we live in the San Diego area and the recreational resources are close by. Sure, maybe it is not ideal, but a nice walk by the bay will do you wonders.

You can read the complete article here, People in neighborhoods with healthy features have better heart health


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