Thirty and Two

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Thirty & TwoThirty and two. What is the significance of these numbers? Simple numbers to remember, but they could save someone’s life.

These two numbers represent the sequence of compressions and breaths used when providing CPR. Prior to the 2010 guideline change there was a different sequence depending on who you were performing CPR on. Now, no matter if it is an adult, child, or infant the sequence is the same. Start with 30 chest compressions, provide 2 breaths, and then repeat. It is important to minimize the time between compression rounds to 10 seconds.

This is just a very basic step in performing CPR. It is important that you receive the proper training to understand the complete process, and how and when to use it. CPR training will help you understand the process completely and provide you with confidence that you can perform CPR when needed.

Until you receive training, keep these two numbers in mind. Since an emergency requiring CPR happens most frequently in the home or at work, it is important to always be ready to take action if necessary.

Get CPR certified, schedule a class. It only takes a few hours of your time and provides you with a life skill that truly can save a life.


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