Ten old girl saves Mom’s life using CPR learned from TV

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Here is a great story of how a 10 year old girl saved her own mother’s life by using CPR that she learned from watching “Grey’s Anatomy” on television. We always teach in our classes, that more than 80% of the time the opportunity to use CPR will occur in the home or at work, and the person requiring it will be a loved one or someone you know. This definitely supports that thought.

Madisyn Kestell and a 12 year old friend found Madisyn’s mother suffering from an asthma attack and unable to breath. They first called 911 and then proceeded to perform CPR on the mother until paramedics arrived. When asked how she knew what to do, Madisyn stated that, “Me and my Mom watched the show every Thursday, and I learned it from there.”

This also proves a point that we make in our classes, that it isn’t important if you get everything right, but that you take immediate action. This little girl didn’t stop to think about what she needed to do, she just stepped in and took the action that saved her mother’s life.

You can read the full story here.


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