Teen uses CPR to save stranger

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Teen save starnger with CPRPeople always worry that they will not remember what to do if they are called to act in an emergency. We teach to just get started and what you have learned will take over. What follows is a story that exemplifies that.

Gabe Shallouf, 19, was driving with his Mom when he saw a running lawnmower sitting in a front yard. He then saw a man on the ground. He told his Mom to stop and he ran over to where the man was laying. The man wasn’t breathing and Gabe could not find a pulse. Gabe went into action performing CPR, while his Mom called police. Two passers-by stopped to help. Gabe didn’t stop providing CPR until the paramedics arrived. The paramedics were able to revive and stabilize the victim.

Firefighters credit Gabe with saving the man’s life, but Gabe insisted it was a team effort and said, “Without their help, I couldn’t have done what I did.” Gabe said that he never thought that he’d ever use his training, but when the time came, he knew just what to do.

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