Teamwork: 109 minutes of CPR saves man’s life

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A miracle to start the new year. On January 1, David Hillard was found in a water-filled culvert on his property. He had been outside for 14 hours and was unresponsive when found. He was suffering from hypothermia and his rescuers rated his chance of survival as nonexistent. On the way to the hospital he went into cardiac arrest.

What happened next was a miraculous effort of teamwork that ended with David’s life being saved. The EMT team during transport and then the nurses in the hospital emergency room performed CPR on David for 109 minutes. They did the chest compressions, used an AED to shock the heart back into rhythm multiple times, and administered medications all in an effort to bring him back to life and stabilize his heartbeat.

Watch this at WJHL TV

You can also read about this miracle, Hawkins County man beats long odds to recover after 109 minutes of CPR.

Now that’s what I call TEAMWORK.


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