Support CPR Training in Schools

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Have you noticed all the stories lately of student athletes who have an episode of some kind that requires CPR. Sometimes it is a previously unknown heart condition and other times Sudden Cardiac Arrest has occurred. Usually these kids are healthy and have no previous signs of risk. In most cases, the ones that survive are given CPR by their coaches, fellow athletes, or bystanders. It just goes to show how important it is to have trained individuals in schools.

Training students to perform CPR before graduation will add over 1 million trained rescuers to the population every couple of years. That means there will be more trained individuals to possibly help a loved one survive. Having CPR certification a requirement for graduation is a cause that Precious Life CPR, Inc. actively supports.

AHA logoWe would love for you to support it too. The American Heart Association has a website where you can read more about their efforts in bringing CPR into schools, Support CPR in Schools.

On the website, you will be able to read stories of students, coaches, and teachers whose lives were either saved or impacted by use of CPR. Join us, become informed and help us have an impact on our children’s lives.


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