Secret to achieving your 2013 resolutions

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2013Here we are at the end of another year and just like every year it is time to make next year’s resolutions. How successful were you in achieving your 2012 resolutions? Do you want to know a secret in achieving all your resolutions for 2013?

The secret to achieving your resolutions is not in making them and focusing on the resolution, but in focusing on the outcome or result of the resolution. So, say you make a resolution to become CPR/AED certified in 2013. Instead of telling yourself, “I will become CPR/AED certified in 2013,” say, “I am CPR/AED certified and I am confident that I have the skills to use it if needed.” By focusing on the outcome or result, you will take action to achieve that outcome. Adding a little emotion to it adds power to it.

So now you the know secret of achieving all your 2013 resolutions; make your resolution and focus on the outcome. We would love for one of your resolutions to be obtaining CPR/AED certification in 2013. It is a life skill everyone should have. Let’s make 2013 an unbelievably enriching year, full of happiness, joy, and achievement.


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