Police officers give life-saving CPR to woman

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When a police dispatcher in Hanson, MA received a call from a woman who seemed distraught and appeared to have difficulty communicating, he dispatched a police unit to check on her. The two police officers arrived at the residence within two minutes and found the woman suffering from cardiac arrest. The officers immediately started CPR until fire personnel arrived and took over providing advanced life support measures.

The quick reaction of the dispatcher and timely arrival and action of the police officers resulted in the woman’s life being saved. One of the officers had this to say about the experience, “Throughout an officer’s career there is no greater feeling than being able to make such a serious difference by saving a life.”

Just like the officer said, whether you are required to have CPR/AED training as a requirement for work or just want to make sure you are prepared if the need ever arises to use it, having the life-saving skill of CPR/AED knowledge can make a difference in someone’s life.

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