Major League Umpire saves vendor’s life with CPR

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The baseball season is winding down and the World Series is just around the corner, so I thought that this might be a great article to highlight and reinforce the value of knowing CPR. We always teach that CPR is a life skill and that it can be needed at anytime or anywhere.

Case in point: Jim Joyce, a Major League Umpire, was preparing to umpire an Arizona Diamondbacks game when a stadium vendor suffered cardiac arrest. He was walking down the tunnel right where the vendor collapsed. Right away he told them that he knew CPR and took over until paramedics arrived. Joyce had learned and used CPR once before, 30 years ago, as a lifeguard.

Joyce had this to say when interviewed later, “It was nothing more than instinct. I knew that Janie was in trouble. When I checked her vitals, she wasn’t breathing, and there was no pulse, and I knew she was in a lot of trouble at that particular time. And literally, it was just instinct that took over.”

The part of this that I like is that he took time to emphasize the importance of CPR. “CPR can be learned by everybody,” he said. “It only takes one time. Even if you never use it again but that one time, it might be the most important time in somebody’s life.”

You can read the whole story and watch the short video clip here, Umpire who saved woman with CPR: ‘Instinct took over’


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