Husband and Wife CPR Heroics

Sharing is Caring

Here’s a great CPR survival story that includes a husband and wife who teamed up to save a man’s life. David Rogers, a marine sergeant stationed at Camp Lejeune, went shopping for a new car with his wife and 9 month old son on January 1st. While they were sitting in the waiting room, they heard a loud thud. They went out into the showroom and saw that the General Manager had collapsed on the floor. Sgt. Rogers ran over to him, and while checking him for a pulse, heard him take his last breath. He immediately started CPR. Sgt. Rogers’ wife, Anastasia, a child care provider trained in CPR, handed their 9 month old son to a car salesman and proceeded to provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They were able to get his heart and breathing re-started.

As the EMTs arrived, he crashed again. The EMTs provided advanced life support measures while Sgt. Rogers continued CPR until he stabilized again. The man was transported to the hospital, where he recovered.

It is great that this husband and wife team just reacted, without hesitation, to help a stranger. To jump into action like that and to work as a team providing life sustaining CPR is amazing. They made the perfect team, both trained and willing to help. And Sgt. Rogers was so humble afterwards. Read what he had to say here.


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