Gulfport Seabee Saves Toddler’s Life with CPR

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A Gulfport Seabee was out walking his dog after work when he heard the cries of help from a little girl. The girl was yelling to call 911, because the baby wasn’t breathing. He ran to help and found the infant in the great-grandmother’s arms, blue and lifeless. He performed CPR on the 19 month old infant and was able to get him breathing before the emergency medical technicians arrived.

The Seabee, Jerry Johnson said, “CPR is different for an infant compared to an adult in that you slow everything down and do gentle, easy compressions.” He added, “I’m just happy I was in the right place in the right time with the right training,” said Johnson. “This isn’t the way I had envisioned getting to meet my neighbors, but I’m glad it worked out well for everyone.”

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