Deadly D’s of Distracted Driving


Our children’s lives are so valuable that we just cannot seem to do enough to protect them and ensure their safety 24-7. As young drivers even with State GDL requirements, the teen fatality rate due to distracted and drunk driving is astronomical. Parents purchase insurance to protect their vehicles, for the small cost of this course; parents are investing in their child’s future and ensuring their young driver has gained valuable hazard perception and anticipation skills that significantly reduces risks for injury accidents and fatal crashes.

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The Deadly D’s Program provides students with firsthand experience by participating in classroom activities and field exercises of how alcohol and other drugs distort vision, affects coordination and influences response time in a non-lethal setting. The course gives them insight into their own personal limitations and gives them insights into the dangers of multitasking while driving, and allows them to process how their lives can change in the blink of an eye when their choices contribute to, or cause a crash. For attending this course students will receive two valuable bonuses. As a part of the Deadly D’s course students will learn CPR & Basic First Aid. After the course completion students will receive a discount for a resource that can help them qualify for:

AUTO INSURANCE DISCOUNTS OFFERED BY: Allstate, Liberty Mutual, CSAA Insurance Group (AAA Insurer), & Mapfre Insurance


The Deadly D’s Program is for:

Pre-drivers-Middle School age youth where peer pressure and peer influence really starts to accelerate.

High School age youth who are dealing with real life challenges that will directly affect their decision-making.

Young drivers who have had or not had an accident or whose parents have identified that they are at risk because they are easily distracted or have already exhibited some risky behaviors.

This course is 4 hours long and costs $99.00

Students will receive a completion certificate, American Heart Association CPR/AED certification card, and other valuable resources.

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Ask us about doing a Deadly D’s presentation for your child’s school, youth group, PTA/PTSA meeting, or Boy or Girl Scout Troop or to set up a group training.