CPR saves young athlete’s life

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There have been quite a few news stories lately about student athletes who collapse while participating in sporting events or during training. This is a story of a 14 year old who survived thanks to his coaches knowing CPR.

When Evan Blackstone collapsed, one coach dialed 911, while another coach started CPR chest compressions. Evan would later undergo surgery to fix a previously undetected heart defect that he has had since birth.

Evan’s pediatric cardiologist had this to say:

“He’s doing much better,” said Dr. Nancy Ross-Ascuitto, “He’s really a ‘save.'”

“It’s very important that people in the community know CPR,” she said. “I’ve seen some very dramatic saves because ordinary people knew CPR. And I’ve seen some really unnecessary losses.”

Since Evan’s close call, Evan’s mother, father, twin brother, sister, and grandmother have all received CPR training.

You can read more on this story here.


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