CPR saves co-worker’s life

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Responding to an emergency call at a warehouse, the East Peoria Fire Department found a man performing chest compressions on a co-worker who had dropped while unloading a truck. The man first called 911, then determined that his co-worker was not breathing and didn’t have a pulse, so he began chest compressions. The EMS team took over and used a defibrillator to shock the man, returning his heart to a normal beat.

The co-worker who performed CPR used the now recommended method of chest only compression instead of mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Lt. Troy Dobbelaire of the East Peoria Fire Department, one of the responding parties, had this to say:

“One of the big benefits for this man is we were only two minutes away. But, the most important thing is his co-worker did those chest compressions,” Dobbelaire said. “Those first two minutes are critical. Chest compressions in that time circulate oxygen-rich blood through the body.” Dobbelaire said the victim was fortunate in many ways. The victim’s co-worker saved his life. “We just finished something that was already started.”

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