Chula Vista Caltrans worker saves baby on SR-54 using CPR

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A Chula Vista Caltrans worker happened to be in the right place at the right time to save a baby’s life by performing CPR and restoring the baby’s breathing. Caltrans worker, Joe Thomas, was returning to the maintenance yard when he bypassed his normal exit and took SR-54 instead. As he did, he noticed two women on the side of the road frantically waving and yelling. They were holding a baby that wasn’t moving. Thomas stopped and after noticing the baby wasn’t breathing, started CPR. He continued to do compressions on the baby’s chest until the baby began breathing again.

Thomas, who has four children of his own, said, “I didn’t think too much. I did what I had to do.” He credited the mandatory Caltrans training for providing him with the skills to act in an emergency.

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