Choking hazard – hard candy

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Hard candy - Choling hazardWith the holidays just around the corner, one thing to be aware of is a potential choking hazard caused by hard candy. If a person inadvertently inhales too deeply, the piece of hard candy could get caught in their throat, causing them to choke and stop breathing.

If you notice someone get up, look as if they are in distress, and walk away from everyone, check to see if they are choking. One of the first instincts people have is to isolate themselves as they try to clear the blockage themselves. This could result in a fatal outcome. If they are choking, try using the Heimlich maneuver to remove the blockage and have someone call 911. If the person is non-responsive and has stopped breathing, start CPR.

Two incidents this past month regarding high school students choking on hard candy resulted in positive outcomes, due to the quick action of a teacher and a school police officer. In the one involving the teacher, the high school student got up in the middle of class and walked out into the hallway. The teacher knowing that this was out of character, checked on her and found her choking. His quick action potentially saved her life.

Read how the teacher and the school police officer were both instrumental in saving a life and how you can recognize the sizes of potential choking victims.


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