Bystanders perform CPR on 21 year old SCA victim

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While playing basketball in the park with his father, a 21 year old man suffered sudden cardiac arrest. After calling 911 and while waiting for an EMS unit to arrive, bystanders started CPR. The unit arrived on the scene within 4 minutes and found the young man was not breathing and had no pulse. They administered defibrillation shocks with an AED in an attempt to restart his heart. By employing Advanced Cardiac Life Support methods, including cardiac monitoring, defibrillations, and the use of several intravenous cardiac resuscitation medications they were able to restore his heart beat and breathing.

The young man was transported to the hospital for further evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

This is just another reminder that Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike anyone, irregardless of age or physical conditioning. The important thing in this case was that bystanders stepped in and started CPR. For every minute delay in the start of compressions, survival is potentially reduced by 10%.

Congratulations to those bystanders who stepped up, to the EMS teams that provided advanced life support measures, and the hospital team that provided the post-resuscitation treatment. Through their efforts this young man was given the gift of life.

You can read more about it here.


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