Awesome example of the Chain of Survival in action

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Chain of Survival

I came across this article today that provides a great example of the Chain of Survival in action. The article goes into great detail of the efforts that went into saving a 17 year old girl’s basketball player after she collapsed and stopped breathing.

Here is a play by play of the Chain of Survival in action:

Link 1: Immediate recognition and activation of the emergency response system.  Bystanders recognized something was wrong and called for assistance. At first they thought she was just having a seizure.

Link 2: Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with an emphasis on chest compressions.  A deputy working security overhears that she has stopped breathing and has no pulse, so starts CPR and sends someone for the AED.

Link 3: Rapid defibrillation.  After the AED arrived, they shocked her multiple times.

Link 4: Effective advanced life support.  Paramedics arrived and transported her to the hospital, performing CPR on the way. The girl’s pulse and breathing stabilized en route to the hospital.

Link 5: Integrated post-cardiac arrest care.  She was admitted to the hospital for care and was able to respond to the doctors and nurses.

Read the whole awesome story and see how everyone worked together to save this girl’s life. CPR and AED usage makes a big difference in survival when used promptly and the Chain of Survival is followed.

Image credit American Heart Association


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