Are you ignoring the warning signs?

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“Played a dangerous game with my heart,” is how Lynn Paulson described how she ignored the warning signs that she had a problem with her heart. Lynn found herself getting fatigued and had shortness of breath, but attributed it to stress, anxiety and her busy schedule. The reality was she had a condition, atrial fibrillation, that she ignored for almost two years. Atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat, can cause a stroke, heart failure or be a sign of other possible heart issues.

Lynn was one of the lucky ones who found out in time and was able to get treatment for her condition. Ignoring the signs can sometimes lead to debilitating results and possibly death. Our bodies are a magnificent creation that provides us with warning signs frequently when there is something wrong. We just need to learn recognize the warning signs and take action to find out what they mean. Better to be safe than sorry.

Read Lynn’s survival story and learn the warning signs for a heart attack by checking out the infographic below:

Heart attack signs

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