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Whether we are traveling for the holidays, vacation, or just around town it is important to plan for the unexpected. We never know when an emergency may strike and it is important that we are prepared. Here are a few apps that can be installed on your cellphone to help.

iTriage AppiTriage – iPhone and Android

iTriage was built by two emergency room doctors and helps you answer questions about what medical condition you could have and where to go for treatment. It will help you find the nearest hospital, emergency room, urgent care, retail clinic, pharmacy, physician, doctor, imaging center, mental health clinic, substance abuse clinic, and community health center. It even will list the average wait times if available. Also, it will save your personal information for healthcare facilities, doctors, diseases, conditions, procedures, medications, insurance information and health plan advice lines. As an added bonus, a Pharmacy Discount Program is now included in My iTriage where you can  receive discounts of 10% – 85% on brand and generic medications by presenting the screen at participating pharmacies.

Download iTriage – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (Free)

Download iTriage – Android (Free)

ICE Standard - iPhone

Both of these apps store information that can be used by first responders and hospital staff in case of an emergency involving you.

ICE Standard – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

ICE Standard helps first time responders and emergency room personnel locate a person’s updated medical information, emergency / medical contacts, medical insurance information, blood type, name, address and a photo verification of the individual. This application has been developed by the About the Kids foundation, a nonprofit organization, with input from EMTs, police officers, firefighters and emergency room personnel.

Download ICE Standard – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (Free)

ICE : In Case of Emergency – Android

ICE: In Case of Emergency Andoid AppICE: In Case of Emergency android app provides most of the same functionality that the iPhone app does. There is also has a companion app that allows for Family member’s information to be stored and accessed through this device.

This Android app stores the following information for easy access in case of an emergency:

+A list of people to call — can call directly from the app
+ Insurance information
+ Doctor names and numbers — can call directly from the app
+ Allergies
+ Medical Conditions
+ Medications
+ Any special instructions or other information you wish to provide

Download ICE: In Case of Emergency – Android (3.99)

Now you’re all set. With these apps on your phone, you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency. Our hope is that you never have to use it. But, just in case, you’ll be ready.


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