Add CPR Training to Job Retraining

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In a tight job market, every edge an applicant has can make a difference. Being trained and credentialed in CPR is one way for job applicants to stand out from the crowd, and job-retraining or workforce-development programs are a great way to reach those applicants.

Job-retraining programs are located in many communities across the United States. The federal government and many state governments offer funding to programs that provide workers with the skills and training they need to transition to new careers. CPR certification may be just what some of these workers need, especially those moving into the home-health-care, child-care, manufacturing, food-service, fitness, or retail industries.

The HeartsaverĀ® First Aid CPR AED course is an excellent option for job applicants, as it provides comprehensive layperson training in a short time frame, and successful completion results in a course card that’s valid for two years.

Give yourself an edge, schedule a class today.


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