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In loving memory of Kristie Marie Pena 1977 - 1992

In loving memory of Kristie Marie Pena 1977 – 1992

Precious Life CPR was founded in my daughter Kristie’s memory and is dedicated to the eight heroes that stopped at a roadside accident in 1992 to help the injured victims, using a team approach where everyone did the “first one thing they could remember” to help. One person called 911- another started compressions, another directed traffic, another gave her breaths, others took turns doing compressions, while others stayed with her and prayed with her. Ultimately these heroes kept my precious child alive until EMS arrived. Even though she did not survive her injuries, we will never forget the gift these heroes gave us by doing everything possible for her!

Our innovative teaching approach helps to instill confidence, provides coping techniques to improve response during a traumatic event; prepares students to take effective action to address cardiac arrest or other medical/ injury/environmental emergencies. Our “no regrets” style of learning provides students with a quick self-assessment that helps them determine if they are at- risk for the “Flight/Fight/Freeze” response that could interfere with their ability to act. Student will learn about the autonomic response system and how to use their breath to help regulate breathing, slow down the negative reaction response, reduce risks for residual trauma, and move into quick, affective action; helping to save a life.

Every life is precious. Do you know enough to help someone you know, love, or care about survive a heart attack, or other medical emergency? In the blink of an eye or in a split second your life can change forever to include regrets of not knowing CPR/AED/First Aid skills. Get training today by registering for a class – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Beverly Fisher
Precious Life CPR

Beverly Fisher, President - Precious Life CPR